Your Dirty Confessions

Anonymous said: I still think that if women looked everyday like how they look when they get married (nicely dressed, nice hair, beautiful makeup), they wouldn't be as insecure about how they look.

Anonymous said: Ive been cheating on my boyfriend with the same guy since before we were even officially together. Its been going on for 2 years. I dont even like the other guy. The sex is just too good.

Anonymous said: I took my boyfriend's virginity away last night in my best friends apartment on her bed. The second round he made me cum more Than once and I squirted; my friends bed was left damped. I am the worst friend possible but man sex with my boyfriend was so worth it.

Anonymous said: i want to fuck her so badly i'd be willing to take literal sloppy seconds. i'd sit and watch patiently as her boyfriend plows and pleasures her and unloads into her, and i'd be perfectly fine fucking her used, cum-filled pussy as long as it meant i could have sex with her

Anonymous said: It's becoming a bit of a habit for me to leave my house when my family are out, print of a picture of some naked woman, walk to my local forest, strip down butt naked and just masturbate. The thrill of being outside where people can see me and the natural air on my naked body makes them the best sessions i have.

Anonymous said: Often when I think about sex I think about fucking really fat girl just thinking about it is such a turn on, but then when I think about date/relationships I want a slender girl that is not to skin but a bit on the chubby side but when it come to sex I want a girl to be big really fucking big;)

Anonymous said: Being a girl and primarily taking interest in men, I've grown to view women as competition and try to give as many nasty looks and spiteful comments as I can. But every once in a while I will find a girl by whom I am completely mesmerized, and I want to touch her and lick her..

Anonymous said: i've been friends with him for a long time and i know for a fact that he likes me and i dont't really care about him that way, but i find the idea of blowing him very hot and i wanna suck him. thing is i don't want him to misinterpret things or be more into me. what do i do? female, 18

Anonymous said: My boyfriend and I were watching a movie in the cinema earlier, and everytime I caught a whiff of his natural scent, I'd get so horny and feel my pussy throb. I guess we're really biologically compatible.

Anonymous said: Even though I really care about my boyfriend he can't satisfy me sexually. So I cheat on him any chance I get with a guy that uses me purely for sex. I give him blowjobs and I love how rough he is about it. He grabs my hair and shoves his huge dick down my throat. Whenever my boyfriend and I are having sex I fantasize about this other man. I beg him to fuck my face and dream of him telling me I'm a dirty whore while using me like the slut I am. Female, 22.

loving inlaws

Well me and mywifes step father we anal sex he fucked me goodand I loved it  Inever thought I would love it so much but i did he got me high put on porn pulled his huge cock out and started stroking it before long i was strokig it then suckingit it was good and the wwhole time my wife was another room watching porn I let him fuck me it felt so good  his big cock in my ass fucking me and finally cummed no one knows

Anonymous said: I am 14 years old & in love with my youth pastor. He recently got married & is totally in love with his wife. He never stops talking about his 2 kids and is so happy w/ his life. I am awkward and unattractive (and underage) I feel like such a sinner because everytime I go to church and see him I think dirty thoughts...

Anonymous said: I'm 20 and I've been "seeing" someone for a year but that's a confession for another time. I'm a clean person, I get annual check ups and practice safe sex. I fought with the person I've been seeing a few months ago and we stopped talking for a month. He said it was over. I had a one night stand with someone else. We used a condom so I'm not pregnant but I just found out its highly likely I have a (curable) STD. I've been back with the first guy since I possibly contracted it. I love him. I'm te

Anonymous said: I try to remember birthdays and bake a cake, cook their favorite meal, go see a movie with them. I don't do it to be nice, I just didn't want to be alone on mine. But it's almost 6pm and all I've gotten today was 3 texts. Didn't work.

Anonymous said: I find it hard to have any sympathy or empathy for pretty/beautiful girls and women who complain about the attention they get for their looks. They're always conforming to the beauty standards, and then act like it's a problem. Boo hoo, life is so hard b/c you're pretty. But none of them want to uglify themselves or stop wearing makeup and stop conforming to the beauty standards. Can't be satisfied with being attractive, always gotta complain. STFU.